At Rhys Vineyards, we believe that real wine quality is produced in the vineyard not the winery. Driven by that belief, each of our seven vineyards is managed with a “spare no expense” viticultural approach that is based on organic and Biodynamic farming methods. Our goal is to naturally balance our vines while cultivating a vibrant and biologically diverse ecosystem in and around each vineyard. This philosophy of minimal intervention is mirrored in our winemaking.

Meanwhile we have conducted extensive trials of clones and rootstock selections. The results of these trials help us to continue to optimally match plant material to the diverse geologies found in our vineyards. Most of our vineyards are very densely planted, so much so that in some cases we are required to farm without mechanization. This dense spacing in our vineyards is quite expensive but we believe that the results cannot be achieved any other way.