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While it is widely understood that the climate plays a large role in defining the flavors and character in wine, we are only beginning to understand the exact cause and effect relationships.

This page is provided to help study and understand the climate of grape regions from around the world. Please select up to 3 sites to compare. Individual elements of the chart can also be selected or deselected by clicking the legend and additional data is available if you mouse over the chart.

There are a few important things to note about the data in the chart. The Average Monthly Mean Temperature regulates the vine’s metabolism. Warmer temperatures lead to more rapid grape maturation. This is the most important measure when considering the suitability of a grape variety for a given site. While the average high temperature is interesting, in less humid climates like California the period of the day when this temperature is reached is often very brief. In most California vineyards the mean temperature is only 40-45% of the difference between the high and the low, meaning that the mean is closer to the low than the high. Meanwhile in more humid European climates the mean temperature is often closer to 60% of the diurnal (i.e. closer to the high).

It is important to note that we don’t have actual Monthly Mean Temperature data for several of the sites below. In some cases it is just an average of the high and the low. Also, the data from our estate Vineyards is derived from the most recent 5-10 vintages. During this period, California has experienced much warmer Septembers than historical averages. Some speculate that this due to climate change in our area.

If anyone would like to submit data from other sites that we can include, please send the information to and place the word “chart” in the subject line.

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